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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

There's a problem

You have a great product, but you cannot be found on Google. As digital marketers, we have a joke; where is the best place bury a dead body?... On the 2nd page of Google. We understand the importance of ranking of the first page on search engines. Ranking on the first page of Google for just one valuable intent based keyword can generate tens of thousands of dollars for your business. Together, we develop a plan to improve your presence on the web through a combination of both organic and paid search engine marketing techniques.

Implement & Optimize

We set in motion the plan we came up with to drive traffic to your site. We go beyond the basics of meta tags, descriptions, title tags, and H1s. We understand what Google uses in their algorithm to rank pages and ensure that our efforts will be spent on items that will move the needle for your SERPs. Campaigns are closely monitored and adjusted based on the data collected to ensure an effective camapaign.

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